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The food that you eat at Clover is prepared with a lot of love and thought, but the ingredients that we source from our farmers and makers all around Ottawa and Gatineau is the most important part.



The following are all of our suppliers. If you like to cook, you can contact them directly to buy their produces.»


chicken ferme-reveuse.

All of our chicken is from Kornel and Olga’s farm, and their 3 children, Ferme Reveuse, located in Curran, ON. Their chickens are raised in groups of 500 in greenhouse style buildings. The “buildings” are moved every day to a fresh patch of grass. In the winter, we receive his chicken frozen there were produced during the summer months.


pork & duck Mariposa Duck Farm.

When pork or duck is on the menu, it’s from this beautiful, sustainable farm own and ran by Suzanne and Ian, located in Plantagenet. We also buy some cheeses through Mariposa farms, as well as Bison, when on the menu, that Ian and Suzanne source from other likeminded farmers.


beef Enright Cattle Company.

All of our beef is from Enright’s Cattle. This family farm located in Tweed ON. Kara and Darold and their 2 kids raise black and red Simmental cattle on their 95 acre farm. The beef that you eating here is from cattle’s there were free to roam and eat mostly of a grass diet, but are also fed some soya and corn grown by Kara’s parent’s farm down the road, they plant, grow and harvest all of the crops to feed our cattle.


maple syrup Älska Farm.

Alska farm’s 100 acre’s Sugar bush is located in Farrellton Quebec, in the La Pêche municipality. They make the amazing Maple syrup that we use here at the restaurant. But they also raise pigs that are free to be pigs on the farm, check out their site, they also make charcuterie.


sausage Seed-toSausage.

Seed to Sausage General Store is located 729 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa. We buy some of our sausages from them. You should go for check out their store, they carry all sorts!


bread les plaisirs gourmands.

David Leluan is the co-owner of Les Plaisirs Gourmands, located in Gatineau, he is the amazing bread maker behind most the bread you will eat at clover. We have nick named some of his breads, "doughnut bread" because it SO good.


fruits & vegetables Jardin Rochon Garden.

From when the Rochon Garden Parkdale farmers market in the spring open to the last day in the fall, you can find us 2-3 or 4 times a week in the mornings or weekends buying what’s in season for our changing menu. You can find Rochon Gardens at almost every farmers market in the city. Their family farm is located 1101 Yorks Corners Rd. in Ottawa.


fruits & vegetables CIBO Food.

A local Ottawa wholesaler, run by a sweet man Antonio and his wife. When we cannot source our produce directly from a farmer, he is our man. Lime, lemon, avocado’s etc. do not grow in our climate. We use him all year long, but see him a lot more in the dead of winter.


seafood The Whalesbone.

Famous for Oysters, Ethical Seafood Offerings, & Top-Notch Service since 2005


dry goods Falsetto fine foods.

We purchase dry goods from Falsetto fine foods, they are a local family owned food Service Distributor. Nicest people around.


eggs bekings eggs.